You can and should get STD tested at walk-in medical care clinics like Stopwatch Urgent Care. The truth is, no matter how many partners you have, regular STD testing is essential. Even if you feel fine, you’re able to test for no-symptom STIs and check for other health issues like infertility and certain cancers.

For such a personal matter, walk-in medical care clinics can offer the privacy and convenience you’re looking for. Let’s go through their advantages, processes and payment options.

STD Testing at Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care centers can make the STD screening process seamless and safe in these key ways.

Keeping Your Health Private

Urgent Care centers must follow the same confidentiality policies—around your health records and communication about your condition—that other practices do. This ensures your results remain between you and the professional, discrete staff. At Stopwatch Urgent Care, we do everything we can to protect your privacy.

Easy Access and Convenient Hours

Making time for STD checks can be an inconvenience. Urgent care centers offer flexible hours for even the most packed schedules, with walk-in or scheduled appointments and results within a few days. We’re open 7 days a week—Monday – Saturday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.—across many locations, so STD testing is always accessible.

How Do Walk-In Medical Care Clinics Test for STDs?

STD testing at urgent care centers follows these general steps:

  • You’ll first go through a physical exam that assesses any symptoms you have and potential visual indicators of STDs, such as blisters. A diagnosis may also be given based on visual causes. Just remember: you don’t need to have STD issues or signs to get tested for STIs.
  • Then, a blood and/or urine sample will be taken for testing purposes.
  • A rapid test can be performed for certain STDs in-house, but your sample(s) will most likely need to be sent away to an external lab. Depending on the needed test type(s), Stopwatch Urgent Care will receive results in 3-4 days.

Does Insurance Cover STD Testing at Urgent Care?

Insurance can cover STD testing costs at walk-in medical care clinics like Stopwatch Urgent Care, though specific costs depend on a few different factors:

  • Your age, gender and other risk indicators: People most at risk for related issues are most likely to be covered. For example, Medicare will cover testing and potentially even two therapy sessions for someone who is pregnant.
  • Your insurance plan: Depending on yours, you may only have to pay your standard copay, be eligible for partial coverage or have to pay entirely out of pocket due to a high deductible. You can always contact your healthcare provider and the office you’re planning to visit to understand the full extent of your coverage.
  • What tests you need: At Stopwatch Urgent Care, if an external lab is needed, you’ll receive a separate bill directly from the lab that does them.

Even with these considerations, urgent care STD tests will almost always be the cheaper option compared to hospitals or primary care offices. At Stopwatch Urgent Care, we try to make our services affordable for both insured and out-of-network/self-pay patients.

Why Choose Stopwatch Urgent Care for STD Testing?

When you decide you’re ready for testing, you want professionals who put your privacy first—no matter where or when you stop by. Backed by advanced facilities and external lab support, Stopwatch Urgent Care can get you discreet results quickly. Our centers across South Carolina are locally led practices that offer flexible hours for testing and follow-up treatments. This can include antibiotics and other medicines or referrals to specialists who can assist you further. Based on your personal preferences, we can also work alongside your primary care office and keep it aware of your test results.

Get Discreet STD Testing With Stopwatch Urgent Care

Between our privacy and flexible availability, Stopwatch Urgent Care will make your STD testing experience as comfortable as possible. Walk into a nearby location or schedule a confidential STD test at Stopwatch Urgent Care today.